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Polyester flakes for equestrian surfaces

Gianeco Polyester Flakes mixed with sand provide the perfect arena footing for daily training.
Our Polyester Flakes for equestrian surfaces provide the correct elasticity and grip while at the same time protecting the hooves, joints, tendons and muscles of your horse. Polyester flakes are the optimal footing for your arena. They retain moisture, optimize the water balance of your arena and so reduce troublesome dust formation.
Polyester Flakes for riding surfaces consist of pure polyester needle fleece and are especially durable as well as being light and weather-resistant. Our polyester flakes contain no harmful substances and are environmentally sound. They pose no danger for horse and rider or the environment.
Our Polyester Flakes are the ideal footing for daily training in all equestrian disciplines.
Available color: natural /white
Packing: bales 350 kgs
Minimum order quantity: 1 bale

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