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Biogeo: recycled bioplastics for a more sustainable future

Bioplastics are a sustainable solution composed of natural elements, such as starch, cellulose and vegetable oils, which can be biodegraded and composted.

They are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics, made from oil and natural gas, which take hundreds of years to decompose.

Biogeo is the brand name for recycled bioplastics produced and distributed by Gianeco. Our pellets and regrinds come from food packaging production waste, such as trays, pouches, disposable plates, coffee capsules and other materials, which, through mechanical recycling, are transformed into recycled bioplastic ideal for biodegradable and compostable items.

Biogeo bioplastics are a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or virgin bioplastics because they have a reduced environmental impact.

Biogeo recycled bioplastics can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Filament for 3D printing
  • Packaging: sacks, bags and caps, tubular and film packaging, shopping bags, biodegradable and compostable bags
  • Agriculture: plastic films, mulching sheets and other solutions for sustainable agricultural practices 
  • Extruded profiles and seals to protect windows and doors, lighting products, trunking, household appliances, furniture, car interiors and exteriors
  • Semi-durable consumer goods such as packaging for cosmetics, electronics, household goods and toys.
By choosing our products, you can help protect the environment and build a more sustainable future for all.

Our recycled biopolymers include:

  • Polylactic Acid (PLA): Our recycled PLA granules and regrinds are carefully source-sorted, professionally recycled and are biodegradable under industrial composting conditions, just like virgin PLA.
  • Polybutylene succinate (bioPBS): The recycled bioPBS granule comes from flexible film and is a product with great potential for the production of various films and compounds.
  • PLA/PBAT and PLA/PBS compounds: Recycled PLA/PBAT and PLA/PBS compounds contain 65% PLA and combine the properties of two bioplastics, making them versatile and affordable. We are constantly engaged in research to improve their properties.
  • Polycaprolactone (PCL) is the softest bioplastic compared to PLA, with the lowest melting temperatures and longest biodegradability. We are working on introducing recycled PCL into our portfolio.
  • Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA): These renewably sourced polymers boast high qualities and versatile potential, but high production costs have limited their market presence. We are working to make PHA more affordable.
  • Cellulosic polymers: With a rich past, cellulosic polymers have lost ground in the market to synthetic plastics. However, we believe they can find new life in niche applications with a special focus on sustainability.
Ask about Biogeo recycled bioplastics now and find out how you can make a concrete contribution to reducing environmental impact.
Your choice matters for a sustainable and responsible future.

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