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Thermoplastic elastomers

Elastogeo: Recycled Thermoplastic Elastomers for a More Sustainable Future

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) are a unique class of materials that combine some characteristics of thermoplastic polymers and elastic rubbers. They are materials with rubber-like elastic properties, but can also be melted and recycled like thermoplastic polymers.

Elastogeo is the brand of recycled TPEs produced and distributed by Gianeco. Our granules and regrind TPEs come from production waste from footwear, sports and leisure, packaging, the toy industry and technical TPEs used in the automotive and electrical industries, which, through mechanical recycling, are transformed into recycled thermoplastic elastomers ideal for new applications. 

Elastogeo thermoplastic elastomers can be used in a variety of applications, including:
  • Automotive: automotive components such as bumpers, seals, profiles, glove consoles, anti-slip inserts, knobs, locks, soft-touch armrests, floor mats, suspension mounts
  • Footwear: in the manufacture of shoes, such as soles, uppers, lining, gussets, supports, spacers, inserts for sports, orthopaedic or work shoes
  • Sports and outdoor articles: gloves, protective equipment, bags, belts
  • Construction: gaskets for window frames, doors, windows, pipes, floors, cladding, roofs and other building materials
  • Household appliances: seals for washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, vacuum cleaners, power tools, switches, cables, plugs and sockets, cases for electronic devices
  • Textiles: elastics, elastic bands, organisers
By choosing our products, you can help protect the environment and build a more sustainable future for all. 

Our recycled thermoplastic elastomers include:
  • rTPU: recycled thermoplastic polyurethane - with elastic and flexible properties similar to traditional polyurethane. Due to its thermoplastic nature, it can be melted and reused many times without losing its properties. Resistant to wear, oils, solvents and chemicals.
  • rTPE: recycled thermoplastic elastomer - known for its elasticity and flexibility. It is soft to the touch and can be moulded and moulded like a thermoplastic plastic. Resistant to weathering and wear and tear
  • rTPO: recycled thermoplastic polyolefin - known for its resistance to weathering and chemicals. It is lightweight and has good impact resistance
  • rTPS (recycled styrene-butadiene-styrene), rSBS (recycled styrene-butadiene-styrene) and rSEBS: recycled styrene-butadiene-styrene - high flexibility and wear resistance, perfect for applications requiring good adhesion and elastic performance
  • rTPV: recycled thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride - has good wear and weather resistance. Known for its ductility.
Ask about Elastogeo recycled thermoplastic elastomers now and find out how you can make a concrete contribution to reducing environmental impact. Your choice counts for a sustainable and responsible future.Your choice matters for a sustainable and responsible future.

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