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Gianeco I A recycling plastic company, specialized in Bioplastic and Thermoplastic Elastomers Gianeco I A recycling plastic company, specialized in Bioplastic and Thermoplastic Elastomers


Gianeco S.r.l. is a worldwide plastic recycling and trading company. For years we have been dealing with the recovery of different polymers, starting from poliolefine-based PP e PE and engineering polymers like ABS, PC, PA, PS, PBT, PEI, PES, focusing more and more our main activity on the thermoplastic elastomers and bioplastics.

In the field of thermoplastic elastomers, we can offer our customers a wide range of near prime, off-grade and recycled materials like TPU, SBS, TPE, SEBS, EVA, TPEE, TPO, TPS. We are able to produce customized compounds for different requirements and applications.

In order to complete our mission for a greener and cleaner environment, for years we have been being engaged in the promoting, marketing and reprocessing of compostable and biodegradable polymers, where Gianeco S.r.l. offers a primary service in Europe. We are proud to be involved and contribute in the recycling of renewable and eco-friendly materials like PLA, PBAT, PHA, PHB, PCL, PBS. The idea behind bio-based polymers is to replace the fossil oil carbons by carbons obtained from renewable and eco-friendly sources (sugars in plants), in other words, to create polymers from renewable natural resources and allow packaging to decompose quickly and get back to nature.


  • high-quality products
  • competitive price
  • quick and punctual logistic service
  • fast order processing
  • strong partnership with customers and suppliers


  • to find a recycling solution for any plastic waste
  • to promote 3R’s rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • to promote compostable and biodegradable plastics

We work with the idea that plastic waste is not the rubbish, it is a resource for society, if used and recycled correctly.
Join us: make plastic products recyclable as much as possible, reduce plastic waste, reuse plastic products, recycle in proper way, replace traditional plastic with sustainable and eco-friendly polymers in possible applications!
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